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Hair Extension MINI COURSE - Microbead & Tape Ins

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The perfect online hair extension course -

perfect for those already established.

Have you always wanted to know how to apply hair extensions? Tape or microbead hair extensions? Do you get clients complain of irritated scalp, damage or maybe you're wanting to learn a new way of application so that you can add it into your established business?

Here at IYD hair extensions - afterpay, we have created a mini course on how to apply, & remove BOTH microbead & tape in hair extensions. Also how to blend cut & style & provide aftercare for your clients.

The perfect mini course if you're wanting to learn strategic application techniques - all extremely detailed online video tutorials by award winning hair extension technician Samantha Harrison


If you are wanting more education - or perhaps looking at starting your own home based hair business from home - then check out our online hair extension Masterclass, where we take you through EVERY SINGLE STEP, including registrations, suppliers, & So much more!

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